Shared office

Do you need a Shared office space in Rohini?

The initial costs of setting up an office space can be baffling for a startup. That doesn’t mean you have to hold your business back till you arrange the amount. You can start your business right away with our shared office spaces.  Shared office for a startup is the best solution for you because -
  • Networking opportunities
  • Your business deserves to be taken out of your solitary work from the home scene and be placed in the corporate world surrounded by the many startups that make a growing and collaborative community of entrepreneurs. You are close to a plethora of other startups in a shared office. This allows for a very personal and effortless approach towards meeting with people from other startups and productively making contacts and networks in the industry. Furthermore, Digital Hub - a leading coworking space located in Rohini hosts many events that give our fellow entrepreneurs a proper place to network
  • Flexibility.
  • Not sure if you need an office for a week, for a month, or a year? Just added six new people in your team and need space to accommodate them as quickly as possible? Well, coworking space in Rohini by Digital Hub understands this and provides office space solutions that are flexible and customizable to your need. We have a flexible plan which allows members to rent office space in short intervals with easy renewals. Our flexible plans come in a lot of options that require no deposits and you don’t have to pay any upfront fees.  Also, individual workspace, shared space, private cabin or whatever be your specific request, we will process it fairly quickly.
  • Learning
  • We at Digital Hub believe in the powerful and influential community of entrepreneurs so we organize a lot of events that help in the overall growth and learning of our members. We regularly host panel discussions, workshops, and hands-on activities and programming to make sure that our members are not only excelling in their work but also are on the top of their game.
  • Amenities
  • Digital Hub provides you with fully furnished and maintained coworking space in Rohini so that you just have to come to the office and get started with the work.  You don't have to worry about furniture or if the Wi-Fi is down or parking space for your employees and co-workers. We take care of everything from your workstation desk to the air conditioning. All repairs and maintenance are managed by us so you get to give your hundred percent to your work and utilize your valuable time.  A solo-preneur, a small but growing business, or an established firm, we have all the solutions to your requirements about a shared office in Rohini, Pitampura, NSG, Shalimar Bagh etc.