Digital Hub CoWork presents you with a personal and exclusive desk in our dedicated open desk co-working space with access to all of our amenities. You get high-speed internet, complimentary beverages like tea and coffee, and the rest of our amenities. You also get a personal locker to keep all your belongings safe. It is an excellent choice for those who want a break from the typical corporate office spaces or are looking forward to a subtle yet powerful upgrade from working from home. Best suited for • Individuals and teams looking for networking opportunities in their business. •People looking for a work desk in an open area. Work amongst the finest of the talent with a plethora of opportunities for growth and making contacts in the industry. Inspire and get inspired by your co-workers and work towards your goals. With our dedicated open desk specifically designed for co-working, single individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, and small teams get to access the infrastructural facilities of a large corporate complex like reception, meeting rooms, recreational areas, and cafeteria while feeling at one with the work culture.

see how Digital Hub give amenities

Internet Speed

We aim to provide our clients with an effortless and hassle-free work environment. At Digital Hub we always make sure that you get an uninterrupted, smooth, and speedy Internet connection for all your businesses.


After working all day one can get tiresome and boring, so a quick tea/coffee and refreshment break, can surely light you up. Use this refreshment break to socialize and reduce your work stress. 

Private Cabins

At Digital-hub, we understand the need for privacy and personal space, so we also provide rentable private cabins at affordable prices so that you can fully avail of a cheap co-working space in Rohini.  

Conditioning Facilites

We know how hot things can get while working, so we offer all the solutions to keep you cool. At Digital-hub we provide a superior quality air conditioning system to maintain an optimum working atmosphere. 

Conference Room

Conference rooms are a must for any workplace, and we at Digital-hub provide rented spaces fitted with the latest high-tech equipment to allow you to connect and collaborate with your coworkers and clients anytime.

Power Back ups

The most important thing for any office is a consistent power supply. Irrespective of outside fluctuations, at Digital-hub you will always receive an untroubled power supply because of our rigorous power backup system. 

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